Hidden Valley Ranch Copycat Dressing

I found this recipe years ago and it is the only one I will use.  I tend to add a bit more garlic and less dill, but it is fine as is.  Someone asked if they could substitute xantham gum for the saltines and I think that would be fine, although I do not know the substitution equivilant.

Hidden Valley Ranch Mix- Copycat

15 saltine crackers

2 C dry parsley flakes

1/2 C dry minced onion

2 T dill weed

1/4 C onion salt

1/4 C garlic salt

1/4 C onion powder

1/4 C garlic powder

Put crackers through blender on high until powdered.  Add parsley, minced onion and dill weed.  Blend again until powdered.  Dump into bowl.  Stir in onion salt, garlic salt, onion powder and garlic powder.  Put into container with tight-fitting lid.  Store dry mix at room temperature for 1 year.  Makes 42 – 1 T servings.

To make dressing:

Add 1 T mix to 1 C mayonnaise and 1 C buttermilk.  Mix well and chill before serving.  For best results use full-fat mayonnaise and buttermilk.  Makes 2 cups.