It’s challenging in today’s busy, modern world, to live naturally.  With instant status updates, 24/7 news, microwave ovens, drive-thru restaurants…who has time to wait for basil or lettuce to grow? You do! Which is why we started Nurturing Naturally…to show you time and money saving ways to eat truly healthy. Come discover how easy it is to connect yesterday’s pantry to today’s kitchen!

Co-Founder Rebecca Wirtz recognized among her peers an interest in eating healthy but a decline in understanding of how to without relying on the convenience of shopping at the grocery store. “I think people today desire to eat healthy but because of their busy lives feel it’s easier to just grab a jar of sauce and a box of spaghetti at the grocery store.  They don’t realize that spending a few minutes a day growing tomatoes during the summer and then taking one afternoon to make sauce and canning them could last a year. It is far more economical and far less time constraining than most people think. And that’s what Nurturing Naturally is all about.”

Ruth Ann Bowen spent twelve years working publicity in the Christian entertainment industry in Nashville, TN. Five of those years she ran her own PR firm, The Bowen Agency, and worked with clients including Big Idea Productions (VeggieTales), Women of Faith conferences, Chonda Pierce, and a variety of Christian authors and musicians. Now she has the “perfect job” combining her love for marketing and a passion for organic food. “I can’t think of any other topic I’d rather publicize than the importance of what we as a nation are eating,” Bowen explains. “There is a misconception in our society that eating organic food is expensive and time consuming. We show people it’s really not. Especially when you consider the cost we’re paying for ‘convenience’ foods with our health.”