How To Get Your Body More Alkaline

Acidosis…the over acidification of a body. Do you have it? Check to see if you consume the following foods:

  • red meat
  • coffee
  • white bread
  • hard cheeses
  • pistachios
  • margarine
  • artificial sweeteners
  • soy sauce
  • vinegar
  • ketchup
  • mustard

All of these, and more, are highly acidic and are found in abundance in our Standard American Diet today. (For a complete listing of alkaline/acid forming foods, check out the handy comparison sheet over at I suggest printing it and taking it with you on your next grocery trip!)

Manage your ph levels

All food we ingest influences our body pH level. By consuming acid-forming or acidic food, like continental breakfast, hot-dogs, muffins or coke, our body is continuously fighting to neutralize the excessive acid and to retain pH balance, which is a pH level of 7.356 on the pH scale. Symptoms of a pH imbalance can be weight problems such as overweight and underweight, as well as other health conditions such as allergies, arthritis, acne and heart attacks.
To decelerate or, even better, interrupt these critical processes, the over-acidification of the body ought to be reversed by creating a proper nutritional balance of alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods in your diet. As our normal body pH level is 7.356 on the pH scale, thus slightly alkaline, you should also add large amounts of alkaline water and alkaline food to your daily diet. Only then your body will be able to restore its ideal pH, get rid of acid wastes and create a healthy inner environment. (Source:

A simple way to check if your body is too acidic is with ph strips. Simply insert into your mouth, check the reading to see what level you are at, and adjust your diet accordingly! If you find you are too acidic, try incorporating 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods to your diet. High alkaline foods include:

  • Avocadowheat grass
  • cucumbers
  • celery
  • cauliflower
  • fresh peas
  • zucchini
  • beets
  • avocado
  • lemon

For more information on this topic, check out theses books:

The ph Balance Diet, by Bhardi Vyas and Suzanne Le Quesne

The ph Miracle, by Shelley Redford Young