My Cancer Adventure, Part 5

Hello again! It seems like forever since I have written about my cancer adventure and actually, it has been! 2011 proved to be a very arduous year for my family and me. Upon leaving the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic in Tiajuana, Baja California, Mexico, I was given a strict therapy regiment that was to be followed daily. My husband, Corey, thankfully was able to take time off from our business to care for me and our days were very hectic. The program was intense and demanded a lot of our time, but so did our 3 beautiful children. Needless to say, Corey became a very busy man and proved invaluable to me. He assimilated into the role of caregiver with ease and was amazing. At the same time he also had to assume all the duties and responsibilities that I was unable to perform in our home. It was an exhausting time for all of us, but ultimately we grew stronger because of it!

Just to give you an idea of my daily schedule, I have listed an outline of it from March 2011 to July 2011. Many of these therapies may be unfamiliar to you, as they are specific to the clinic. However, I have listed them to show the intensity of my holistic treatment and to provide you with some insight as to what life at our home was like during this time. Each day looked like this:

  • 12 freshly pressed organic vegetable juices–this was a mix of 3 different juices, primarily green vegetables and carrot taken every hour to restore the body and detoxify (5 juices required by clinic)
  • 3-4 green coffee enemas daily to detoxify my overburdened liver
  • Organic vegetarian/alkaline diet with the exception of salmon once a week
  • 3 IV drips daily–aloe vera, silver sol and Poly MVA all taken intravenously through a central line in my chest
  • 30 minutes infrared sauna–in home sauna used for detoxing
  • Sono therapy 45 minutes a day–ultra sound thearpy done in bathtub to target specific tumor sites
  • SP Actrivate Photo therapy 1 hour-special UV light therapy that was used in conjunction with the ultra sound therapy
  • Hand held infrared 2x a day–hand held infrared therapy unit used to target specific tumor sites
  • Avemar–oral supplement taken daily to increase natural killer cells and boost immune system
  • Mistletoe injections 3x a week-A natural medicinal taken from the mistletoe plant and injected in my stomach to stop the spread of cancer
  • Daily Laetrile (B17) injections–a natural form of chemotherapy derived from the seeds of peaches, almonds and apricots
  • Infrared lights 1 1/2 hours a day–used to target specific tumor sites
  • NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) Therapy 1x a week to clear mental/emotional blocks that were interfering with healing
  • Exercise
  • 25+ vitamins and supplements 2x a day

After several months of juicing and a month on the clinic protocol my body began the very natural process of detoxification. By the middle of May, all of the therapies and supplements started doing that which they were expected to do. As my body began  to rid itself of all the accumulated poison and toxicity I started to experience severe flu-like symptoms. These symptoms typically came on with very little notice and could last as long as 8 hours. First, my legs would start to ache and them become painful. This was immediately followed by intense chills which would rack my body with tremors. After the tremors would abate, I was left with fever and sweating. My entire body would hurt and I was left unable to get out of bed. Once the episode passed all symptoms would disappear and I was left tired and waiting for the next episode to occur. In the holistic world, this is referred to as a healing reaction and these continued until the middle of July. This made my therapies very difficult to complete on a daily basis but in order to follow the clinic protocol I had to do my best. My church family, seeing my need, arranged to have meals brought in to my family 5-6 nights a week. They did this faithfully for 6 months. It was such a blessing to my family and saved us so much time and energy.

While I knew my body was healing these months were some of the toughest times of my life. Physically, I was challenged on a daily basis with pain that was at times unbearable. Unable to take so much as an Advil, I had to endure hours of agony with no means of relief. Aside from physically, I was stretched mentally as well. Even though I knew I would be sick every day, I never knew when I was going to be sick so I lived in constant fear of when another episode would begin. Eventually the reactions became cyclical, but until that happened I was at the mercy of my body day and night. I couldn’t plan even the simplest activities and had to resort to staying at home during this time. I was depressed and even had days of total despondency where I wondered if life this way was worth the effort.

In June I went for an ultrasound and the doctor confirmed that my tumor had shrunk in height and had collapsed further in on itself. Praise the Lord! And then one summer day in July, when I thought I couldn’t make it through another day, it was over. It just stopped. I had some residual aches off and on but my life became bearable and I was able to resume my daily therapies and activities, with the exception of the IV therapies and Laetrille injections, which were no longer necessary. I felt like a totally new person! My energy was restored and I began doing things that I hadn’t been able to do for months, like taking a walk and sleeping through the night.

In July, Corey went back to work and resumed his travel schedule. This left me in charge of the home and caring for myself and the children. A dear friend of mine, Sallie, stepped in and assumed the role of caregiver while my husband worked to support the family. She came to juice every day, give me my shots, take me to doctor appointments, pick up groceries, etc. This took a lot of stress off of me and allowed me to continue healing. It also allowed me to be available to my children, especially during the summer when they were home from school. Although having Corey gone was overwhelming, having increased responsibilities and the energy to complete them gave me a sense of independence that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. At the end of August the children returned to school which freed my days so that, with Sallie’s help, I could complete most therapies while they were away. My therapies have gradually decreased in intensity, but still consume about 2.5-3 hours a day. In addition, I still drink 3-4 fresh juices, take Mistletoe injections and take about 15 supplements a day. Aside from the Mistletoe injections which I will end next month, I consider the other therapies to be positive changes to my lifestyle and I will continue them for life.

Today is Valentine’s Day. It has been 14 months since my Stage IV breast cancer diagnosis and I am healthier than I have ever been in my life! My physical stamina and strength are returning in abundance and my attitude is one of self-determination and perseverance. I have seen highs and lows like you cannot imagine over the past year, but with every tear of joy or cry of desperation, God has never held me closer. This has been a year of unsurpassed blessings of healing and I find myself thankful for this adventure that continues to teach me so much and help me grow into the person I was created to be. As I finish this post, I am preparing to cook an organic Valentine’s feast for Corey and the kids and I am so excited to see their faces when I serve it to them! I am also very excited for the amazing journey that still awaits me and to add another chapter to this wonderful thing called life.